Keys to Marketing

The keys to marketing start with identifying your audience, knowing your competition, building credibility, being consistent and relatable, and having repetition. We’ll discuss each of these keys now.

When you think about creating your marketing strategy, begin by identifying your target audience. These audiences will be different for internal versus external marketing.

After you’ve determined who your target audience is, research your competition. What are they offering, how close are they to your practice, what types of marketing are they doing, what are they doing that sets them apart, who are they targeting? This will help you when you are developing your marketing strategy.

Begin building your credibility. You can do this by asking your current patients to leave reviews for you. As we previously discussed, using newsletters and social posts will show that you are the experts when it comes to eye care and highlighting staff shows who you are. New patients researching you will want to see that you can provide what you say you will. Positive reviews show that you are the experts, who you are, and what new patients can expect to experience with your practice.

Your marketing message should remain consistent, no matter which channel you’re utilizing. By changing your message, you can confuse potential patients and lose your credibility. If sending mixed messages, your patients wont believe you’re the expert in eye care who can help solve their problems. Consistency is definitely key to your marketing strategy.

Be relatable. Its easier to relate to people, employees and patients, who have the same values that your company is trying to promote. You’ll be able to reach these people with less effort because they already agree with your belief system. After you put your message out there, you should listen and respond. Listen to what is being said about your company. When it’s appropriate, respond to that feedback. If an employee is giving you feedback on how to improve on your internal marketing, respond so they feel heard. If you’re receiving reviews online, thank that person for taking the time to let others know about their experience. When you interact, people will feel heard and you will continue to build a relationship with your company.

It’s important to include repetition with your brand. So many companies are trying to appeal to your target audience and potential new patients, reach them with your marketing over and over again. It may feel like you are saying the same thing on repeat, this is true, but ensure you continue to convey your message in a different way. By doing so, you create brand recognition as well as credibility for what your offering.