Marketing Plan/Calendar

A marketing plan is an outline of your strategy for attracting and retaining new patients. To create a marketing plan, you’ll start with your business summary, followed by your business initiatives. The next step will be to develop your target audience, as well as conducting your market research. Then you will develop your market strategy; What is your business going to offer that your competitors aren’t. Then create your marketing budget and determine the marketing channels you’ll use. We’ll discuss these terms shortly, but each step in this process is important to creating a successful marketing plan.

After you’ve created your marketing plan, you’ll want to develop a marketing calendar. Put your ideas down on paper, for a few reasons. You’ll want to make sure your entire team knows what your marketing plan is for the year. Will you be hosting events, will you be running specific promotions that they need to be aware of, maybe you’ll have a social media campaign that you are expecting their participation in. It’s good to be up front and fully educate your staff on your marketing plans, so they continue to promote internal marketing. It’s also important to have a marketing calendar in place to stay on track with your marketing budget. Once you’ve created a budget, you’ll allocate those funds throughout the year to different marketing channels. Knowing what you plan on spending and when, will help keep you on track.