Midday Huddle

Next, we have our midday huddle or lunch reporting. Now, sometimes this huddle can be logistically challenging for us. So, do your best, but be sure that you're running your reports and someone is looking at these. We went over this in your patient production cycle. So, we’re going to run our daily production report, we're going to look and see where are we on our receipts, are we hitting our goal? Where are we on our exams? Do we have a full schedule? Have we filed all of our claims and have we ordered all of our glasses and/or products? Okay, we want to make sure that we’re all nice and caught up for up to that midday, all morning activity, so that we're ready for the afternoon.

Now, then you're going to have a real quick team huddle and you’re going to meet and this is very important at this time to review any changes that might have happened in the schedule and especially if you have a staggered staff coming in, we need to get them caught up for the game plan for the day.