Mind the Bottom Line

Mind the bottom line. The formula to success is quite simple. Continued revenue growth plus expense control equals a continued successful, happy business. As a team member, you are important to the bottom line. After all, it’s revenue that allows us to continue to be employed. Each and everyone of you, as team members, play an important role in minding the bottom line and each and everyone of you have a role in being accountable and safeguarding against waste and inefficiencies. Here’s just a couple of ideas to think about:

#1 – Always collect all co-pays and patients out-of-pocket expenses the day of service. No half downs. This helps to control our accounts receivables
#2 – How about collecting all money due when the patient orders their contacts, not when they come to pick them up
#3 – How about recycling paper 
#4 – Managing your office supplies resourcefully

I want each of you to think about what ways can you help mind the bottom line in your practice. Be creative and have some fun with this.