It can be difficult to organize time, why because it takes time. Maybe you had the very best intentions when you walked through the door that day, but all the sudden your schedule falls apart and you’re focused on filling that. Maybe it's a Monday and the phones are ringing off the wall or maybe you've been assigned by your doctor a project and before you know it it's the end of the day and only bits and pieces of what you wanted to accomplish are reality. Let's discuss 10 common time management mistakes and then let's talk about some solutions to avoid.

Mistake #1: failing to keep a to do list. 
Mistake #2: not setting personal goals. When you know where you want to go and you have a plan, you can manage your time. 
Mistake #3: not prioritizing your time. This is essential to managing your time effectively.
Mistake #4: failing to manage distractions. I want you to ask yourself, how much time in a day do you lose due to distractions. 
Mistake #5: procrastination. Well, procrastination does give you something to look forward to. 
Mistake #6: trying to do too much. The sign of a true leader is someone who develops leadership in others.
Mistake #7: thriving on busy. Are you addicted to busyness, which can really, truly lead to stress. 
Mistake #8: multitasking. I love this phrase “to do two things at once is to do neither.”
Mistake #9: not taking breaks. it's important that you take 5 minute breaks, every 1 or 2 hours. Stretch your legs, it’s important that you take your lunch. You won't produce top quality work if you're hungry and it will take you longer to complete a task. 
Mistake #10: ineffectively scheduling tasks. I want you to ask yourself are you that morning person or does your energy not pick up until the afternoon, know your biorhythms. There are some really great books out there that can help you learn your strategic brain patterns and help you be more effective throughout the day and helping to plan that daily schedule to accomplish your task list. One of my favorites is the book When. 

The most effective way to improve your productivity and your personal happiness and satisfaction for a job well done is to recognize these mistakes and overcome.