Tackling To-Do List

Now that you know what to do and tips of what to avoid, let's get you started by tackling that to-do list together. Now, remember the key to success is organization of your time and your to-do list is designed to be a plan of action or a road map that includes all tasks, small and large, that need to be completed, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Now, I have provided you with an example as well as a blank to-do list to help get you started. Use the example as a guideline, but you will need to prioritize this for your practice. Be sure that you go over this with your doctor and/or practice administrator and be sure to bring to your live group session should you have any questions. 

Your first task is to write down what you believe or you know needs to be done at front desk as patient reception coordinator, large or small. It doesn't matter if it needs to be done today or tomorrow or next week, if you know it needs to be done write it down. And also, don't worry if you feel like you forgot something, this is a living document so we can always go back and add to it. Also remember that this isn’t a wishlist. This is something that represents tasks or to-dos that you know must be accomplished and also keep in mind that when you write it down, it needs to be a task that when you're ready to focus on, you can focus within a two hour period roughly and check mark that it's complete.