Marketing Noteworthy

The final component of the scoreboard is the noteworthy section. Noteworthy acts as a place to journal, reflect and regroup. Jot down achievements, events, special days or even comments from a patient surveys that will not soon be forgotten. Let’s take a look of some examples.

January – 5,000 likes on Facebook! WooHoo! Adding behind-the-scenes human-interest posts are getting a lot of engagement. Team has been great to share content which has created more organic reach.

February – Achieved a wildly important goal. Be sure to document where you started, where you ended up, and the keys to success to achieving that WIG.

March – 100 year anniversary celebration. Great success! Here’s why it was special and how we gained exposure.

April – Easter egg hunt was so much fun and we’ve had 10 parents call this week to schedule exams. Be sure to note highlights and recommended changes for next year. Shout out too Becky for volunteering to be our photographer and videographer for the day, we had great engagement on social media from parents and grandparents.

Create a winning culture and celebrate your team. At the end of the year, you can gather six feet apart and raise a glass to positive change, career development, and company growth.