Optical Dispensary Management Overview

Hi and welcome to dispensary management. Are you tasked with being the frame buyer for your practice? Are you left without all of the tools to feel like you're successful in that job, like knowing how much money to spend or how many frames to buy or better yet, how to properly assess and analyze your frame boards to determine what needs to stay and what needs to go. Do you happen to have a dispensary like many others out there that have a problem of not everyone doing things the exact same way and we all know how frustrating that can be. We also need to take into account how frustrating it can be for our patients.

With our help, this program will teach you how to implement certain tools and spreadsheets and information to compile your own optical policy and procedure manual for everyone in your practice to follow, so that everything can be done the exact same way, every time, no matter who does it and who we're dealing with. While also teaching you how to create your own budget, how to know which frames to buy, and how to buy them with confidence and competence, so that you can be in charge and run your dispensary like its own stand-alone business. You’ll notice that we’ve attached an optical policy and procedure manual template to start you off. You'll see that we also already included instructions on how to use our different tools. Don't worry, we'll walk through them in more detail in these courses. By the end of this course, you should have a completed optical policy and procedure manual as well as a completed optical sales analysis spreadsheet to fully analyze and review the current functionality of your dispensary ad set rules in place of how everything is going to be done in your dispensary and how patients deserve to be treated by every single person in your practice. My name is Shaun Damico and I'll be happy to walk you through this program.