Optical P&P Manual Overview

Let’s go ahead and discuss your optical policy and procedure manual. Now every single patient that comes into your practice deserves to ensure that they get the exact same experience, every single time, no matter who they interact within your dispensary. In order to achieve this, it’s extremely important that we have an optical policy and procedure manual that dictates and details every single piece of what we do in our dispensary, from interacting with our patients to interacting with business vendors, such as vendors for your frame lines or for your optical labs.

So, this document should consist of every single piece of what we do in our dispensary from frame and lens warranties and discounting to how we measure and adjust our patients' glasses to how we price our frames and how we buy our frames from our individual vendors. So, as we go through this training, we’ll provide you with a template to start and how to navigate the different tools that we have available for you, but we also want to make sure that you detail how things should be done in your optical specifically. So, as we go through this course, let’s make sure to write down all of the details and make sure that we create a document by the end of this training that should be a step by step procedure so that if someone brand new to your practice or even possibly to our industry, would be able to pick up this document or download this document and understand how to handle the majority of interactions within your dispensary. My name is Shaun Damico and I'll be happy to take you through creating your optical policy and procedure manual.