Optical Offerings

Now, the first step in this process is to determine your optical offerings within your practice. One of the many things that you need to think about are what products that we want to offer within our practice and how can we simplify that? When we have less options within the practice, it’s easier to teach our entire staff what we offer and how much it costs. It also helps us control the different patient outcomes, if we determine what lenses we want to use. If we only use premium products, we’re going to end up with happier patients. If we know that everyone’s using the exact same style of progressive lens or specialty lenses, we can ensure that all of our patients have a similar outcome. That way, it’s easier to train everyone how to measure and fit our lenses. Finally, it’s important that you determine what you want for your patients. Do you want your patients to only have the best products available? Do you want your patients to also have the most affordable products or do you want to set your own style that fits the needs of your individual practice with your own patient demographics? These are all things that you need to ask yourself when determining what options you are going to offer to your patients.

At Williams Group, we recommend simplifying the process and minimizing the types of materials that we’re going to offer in our lenses as well as the different options that we like to offer. We think it’s important that you have a good single vision lens, a digital single vision lens, an anti-fatigue lens, your flat top options, an occupational progressive, and anywhere from two to three progressive lenses, preferably both digital premium progressives; one of which that will take customized measurements for those fit lenses.

We also want to walk you through the individual line item pricing that you’re going to need in order to properly input that pricing into your different vision plans when you’re submitting your orders. You’re welcome to have as many options as you like, but this is the simplified process that we prefer that can make it much easier to present the options to your patients and prescribe a winning pair of lenses, every single time to your patients.