Optometrist and Ophthalmologist

Okay, let's move on to terms and definitions and let's start with basic 101 the difference between an Optometrist (OD) and an Ophthalmologist (MD). You'll find that your patients, individuals do not understand the difference and they will ask you.

So, the Optometrist or OD, which for most of you, that is the doctor that you are working with. They specialize in eye exams and vision tests and provide prescriptions, such as glasses or contacts. As well as they're able to detect abnormalities of the eye and provide medications for those conditions, such as cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma, etcetera. That is your OD or Optometrist.

Now, your Ophthalmologist is an MD or a medical doctor and while they specialize in the eye and vision care your MD is actually able to perform any medical surgeries necessary. Again, I'm keeping this very basic for you, but the difference is an Ophthalmologist can actually perform the cataract surgery, for example, and the Optometrist can do the follow-up care.