Patient Care

Next, we must identify what patient care means to you directly. Do you value the importance of patient care? Do you understand the importance of the great first impression? Do you believe that patients come first?

If you can’t find that patient first mentality, you may very well be in the wrong industry. Or you may just need to take the time to restructure your thinking and help yourself or guide yourself to believe in that patient first mentality. By reviewing the importance of the patient first mentality, you may be able to change your mind and your attitude when it comes to providing 5 STAR patient care. Optometry is patient-first from start to finish. It’s important that you’re in the right industry and that you have passion for what you’re doing for you to excel in providing this type of care for your patients. We must start with a great first impression and we don’t want to create an uphill battle for the rest of our team throughout the patient care cycle.