Patient Courtesy List

One of the questions you have learned to ask while you are scheduling a patient is "How do you prefer to be contacted?" You've also learned to inform the patient that the optometrists occasionally have changes in their schedules, and you've learned to ask, "If there is a change, would you be able to come in earlier?" If the patient says yes, you ask them, "How much notice do you need and how long does it take you to get to our office?" This information should be recorded on your office's courtesy list, which may be a list within your practice management software, or it may be a separate document (either paper or digital). What's the big deal with this?? In our next lesson, we'll be reviewing "best practices" for managing the patient schedule as it shifts and changes, due to reschedules, cancellations and no-shows. This courtesy list with it's critical information will help you contact other patients quickly and effectively to fill opening. This is because you'll know exactly who to call and how long it might take them to get there.