Phone Shopper Conversion

Your office has a marketing plan in place, just as every business does. Some plans are very informal whereas others are highly strategic and involved. For most established optometric practices, the primary way of gaining new patients is when the happy established patients refer family members, friends or coworkers. You may also get referrals from other professionals, like primary care physicians, school nurses, or pediatricians. To supplement these referral sources of new patients, the business probably does some external marketing, as well, probably via some social media. You may also use some traditional advertising methods, such as holding in-office sales and events, yellow page listings, newspaper ads, radio spots, or even billboard messages. There are many ways you can let people in your community know that your practice is excellent and you want their business! The reality is, though, all those marketing efforts only create interest, they don't actually create a patient. These interested people typically contact your office for the first time with a phone call. So, we are going to focus now on how to convert that phone shopper into a new patient on the schedule.