Post: How to Apply Instructions

One last thing to highlight regarding posting your ad includes how to apply. We went through all this work, and the last thing we want to do is forget to say how to submit your application. Where to send your resume? Do you need a resume and application or just an application? So, whatever your preference is, ensure you are clear in your instruction, and this also gives your applicants their first test, right? Their first assessment: can they follow the instructions that you asked?

So, always make sure you have that standard application on file. And then any cover letters, resumes, or references provided are great and are considered bonus. Make sure the application itself is the minimum you have. So, if someone mails you their application, you’re going to want to contact them and ask them to fill out your standard application. The last thing you want to do is go through all this work and have our phone ringing off the hook right at the office. So, if you want to list a number on your ad, that's probably not recommended actually. The last thing you want are applicants calling your office. It's okay if they've been interviewed and they might have a follow up question, but you don't want eighty people calling, asking how to apply. So, make sure your instructions are clear.