Price: Traditional Media

Next up for price includes, you guessed it, those traditional media marketing recruiting campaigns. Why did I add the word marketing in there? Well, typically applicants who are using digital searches are your only audience. However, when you're using traditional media, everyone in town, right, even your patients, now know that you're hiring for a position. So, you want your logo to look great! You want your colors, if used, to look great and on ratio, right?

So, when you're using traditional media for your recruiting strategies, just pay attention to the cost, and don't keep placing your ads in places that don't return on your investment. You can certainly ask your applicants how they applied, if you simply received an application or resume.

Also, don't forget about those personal and professional organizations that you belong to. They’re not exactly free, right? You usually pay a membership for example, to be part of a Chamber of Commerce. If your Chamber of Commerce does a newsletter once a week or once a month, ensure that you're getting your job added to that list. After all, you're paying for it.

So, whenever you're using traditional marketing and recruiting efforts, make sure the logo looks great, and pay close attention to the information that's included. You want to look professional, but maybe a little bit more discreet than you would inside an platform. 

Whichever road you choose, whether that be digital or traditional, make sure you track your expenses and your results. Anything worth doing is worth tracking. Next time you'll have a better idea of where your applicants are coming from, and what quality are coming from that source. Track your spending and track your results.