Let’s review a few things first. It’s important to prepare you and your team so that everyone understands that there has been a change and how it attributes to your practice expectations.

Documentation is still important for malpractice risk management and patient care and important components of establishing medical necessity. Comprehensive history should still be taken on the first visit. History should continue to be updated annually. All payors will adopt evaluation and management changes effective January 1st of 2021. If you treat low vision at your office, time based may be more profitable if your visits consistently run longer. However, keep in mind if you see your patients in a more efficient manner, then you can increase your profitability by adopting MDM, because you can see more patients in a day. Understand before you decide to utilize time base, you can limit your profitability by limiting the number of patients you can see in a day.

All good points Maritza and a nice way to start this presentation. Just keeping people aware that there is multiple ways to approach evaluation and management codes with respect to 2021 and probably beyond. So, as time goes along here, we’ll address some of those and get deeper into medical decision making as the slides progress. So thank you Maritza.