Professional Image

Within developing effective communication, your brand and you, as an individual of the practice, must maintain a professional image. Appearance, cleanliness, body language, verbal and written communication, all of these factors are considered when it comes to maintaining that professional image. The appearance of your office will need to be clean, organized, and free of clutter and chaos.

Your team will need to be capable of working well together and that needs to be relayed in the care that we’re giving our patients and in front of the patients directly. The atmosphere and the environment will need to be comforting, welcoming, and calming. Your body language when communicating with patients will need to show compassion and kindness. You must appear knowledgeable and confident in the information you are providing.

When it comes to what you need to wear at the office to maintain a professional image, ensure that you follow your office dress policy or ask your manager what is considered acceptable or what is expected. Some offices wear scrubs, others dress business casual. Gain an understanding of what is expected of you within your practice directly. Owners and managers, make sure your expectations of the dress code can be found in your office manual to help avoid any confusion on this subject in the future.