How exciting is this! You’ve determined your trade name, slogan, and you have a beautiful logo! Now, before you can begin marketing your practice using this trade name and logo, you must register it! Some states require you to have an address before you begin to complete the registration process, so be sure you have that ready before you begin.

Your location and business structure will determine how you will register your trade name. Before you register, you should have your business name, location, and your ownership structure. There may be some documents required, but that will depend upon the state you're registering in as well as the structure of business you’re registering as.

Once you are prepared with the appropriate documentation, register your trade name with the secretary of state. You may need to register at multiple levels, from your local agency, to your state, and possibly even federally. This may require some research on your part to determine all areas necessary to register your new practice.

After you’ve gotten your trade name registered, you will be one step closer to opening your doors!

If you find yourself needing more guidance, please reach out to Williams Group New Business Advisor, Sheila Hayes and she can assist you through the process of trade name registration.