Most importantly, I want to make sure that you know your doctor’s schedules, so that you can help ensure that we're hitting our daily exam goals. This is very important for the practice as well as helping to expedite the filling of the schedule, should we have any cancellations or rescheduled appointments for that day.

Now, you may have a patient communications facilitator or PCF and if you do, you'll now become the liaison to them or for them and communicate any changes that we might have in the schedule for that day or the next few days. They will then slide the schedule, do recall, do pre-appointing, whatever it takes to make sure we're hitting our daily exam goals.

Regardless, it is vital that you have excellent internal communication as well as patient communication and that you know the schedule and you help to protect it. Without patients, nothing else matters. Additional considerations will include being able to navigate the schedule, should you be running behind. If your practice is almost running 10 minutes behind, it will be vital that you communicate with your technician and your doctor, so that as a team you can come up with a plan to positively get the practice back on track without negatively impacting the patient experience or level of care. You will also or often find that you are responsible for keeping your practice scoreboard and reporting stats to your doctors and your team. This would include knowing your exam goals, knowing the exams booked for the day, exams kept for the day, the receipts, and if you're doing recall, knowing how many calls were made for that day.

We provided a scoreboarding tool as well as a course to help you with this, so be sure and sign up and remember 5 STAR patient care and your schedule are paramount.