Shopper Scripts

The best way to ensure that you are saying everything on the phone in the most effective way possible is to start with a written script. I get it, no one loves scripts, and sometimes they can come across as stilted or robotic, at least when you start using them. That’s why you must memorize and practice your shopper conversion scripts before you're on the phone with a real shopper! This takes some time and effort. The first step is to locate your practice’s written/recorded shopper scripts and make sure you have them readily accessible when you need them (like, next to your phones!). Next, you’ll need to read through them 4-5 times, so you are internalizing the phrases. After that, find a partner on your team who will spend 15 minutes or so role-playing with you. Unless you are the main receptionist in the office, you may not get the chance to speak with a shopper on the phone all that often, so keep those scripts handy for when you do need them!