Shopper Conversion Success

So, how do you determine if you are successfully converting your phone shoppers? Like pretty much everything, you can’t just go by how if feels. You need to measure it! You will do this in the most simple way that we can. 

a. Laminate your shopper conversion script card. Make enough of them so they can go by every phone in the office or wherever someone is taking incoming calls. 
b. Get a dry-erase marker. You’ll be using this to track on your laminated shopper card! Plan on tracking for one full week. Write the date range at the top of the card you are using. Keep it with you if you are moving around the office rather than sitting by one phone. 
c. Tracking is simple. Make a hatch mark if you talk to a shopper. Cross-hatch it, if they end up scheduling an appointment. Count up your incoming shopper calls (all the hatchmarks), count up your conversions (all the cross-hatches). Divide the # of conversions by the # of incoming calls, and, voila!, you haver your conversion success rate! 

Remember, what is a successful conversion rate again? You will never convert everyone, some people are only looking for the cheapest price, and that is not you! Aim for 50 to 70% conversion. Anything within that range is great!