Sight Selector

Let's have a little bit of fun and let me share with you a couple of apps that we've used over the years to educate team members as well as they can be used for patient education. First of all, Sight Selector. This particular app is really great because it has, what am I going to pull it up here, so that you can see it. Hopefully, there's not too much of a glare there. It has just basic images, which are really useful for helping you to understand the anatomy of the eye, as well as if you're in the room trying to explain something as a doctor, you can actually pull this up and show your patient. The other element that is really nice about this and is a little fun, is that if you're wanting to show something to the patient or just for you to learn, it does have the musical audio. It goes over the eye, a little more exciting and this can be entertaining for your patient as well. So, there we go. Sight Selector, we've used it a lot.