Social Media Marketing – 13

With creating your own content, utilize sites like This site provides easy-to-use graphic design. It allows you the option to size photos with the appropriate scale for graphics, such as Facebook cover photos, Instagram stories, or even a Twitter post. An exciting feature of Canva is the templates provided, for those who are working without a graphic design degree. Creative Market provides templates with unique fonts, graphics, and themes. While some are free, there are paid options within this platform as well.

Looking for beautiful photos to add to your content? Head over to Pexels or Unsplash for free graphics to use in any of your content templates.

If you feel overwhelmed by those options, you can use Microsoft Office, specifically PowerPoint. Seems crazy, right? Well, because most of us are already familiar with Microsoft office products, PowerPoint is a quick and easy resource to put together a quick graphic for your practice. It allows you to scale from small to large, add backgrounds, text, and shapes, and you can easily export it as a PNG or JPG for use on social media.