Social Media Marketing – 12

When it comes to the rules of social media, its important to know, you should do what's comfortable for you and your practice. We recommend the following steps to be successful maintaining your social media platforms.

Step one – Participate. You should do more than just have a social media page. There are fun options with each social media platform. Utilize those. They can be simple like likes on posts of your ideal patient or even on pages of the brands for the frames you offer in your optical. By posting high-quality content, you provide your followers with content that is easy to comment on or share with their friends. Getting your name out there is easy when you post content with a purpose! 

Step two – Attention. Create a plan with your social media accounts. Develop content ahead of time, to ensure you are providing high-quality content for your followers. Last-minute content usually doesn't provide your followers with value. It is important to set aside time to look at your social media accounts, so you know what posts you’ve been tagged in. We'll talk more about that, but it's important to be a part of the conversation. 

Step three – Engage. Let your followers into your business and remember that this is a good way to capture new patients. Some may have high fear, some may want to know what they are walking into. Using social media platforms to show your target audience who you are, what kind of WOW experience you can provide them, and show off your beautiful office is an excellent way to capture new patients. 

Step four – Give. Each step builds off the last and with give, it is important you are giving good quality content before you are promoting your business. Do you have a local Facebook page where people are asking for the best optometrist in your town? What a great way to get your name out there, however, have you interacted with that page before? If not, this isn't the time to throw your hat in the ring. It's important that you offer tips, interact with your community, donate time or give advice to gain trust in your community before the self-promotion begins.