Social Media Marketing – 2

First, we will start off with the 4 P’s of posting. Before posting on any social media platform, it is important to plan out your content first. These 4 categories will help you put together a plan to inform, educate and entertain your viewers, but also help you promote your practice at the same time.

PURPOSE: Have you recently written a blog post or article that could be beneficial to patients? Share it on your Facebook page and show that you are the expert on all things optometry.

PROMOTION: Help more than you sell on social media. Remember the 80/20 rule – 80% of your content should be informative and helpful, and the other 20% can relate to a promotion like a discount on frames or exams.

PARTICIPATION: It’s called social media because it’s social, right? Social media is just as much about engaging with your patients as it is promoting your practice.

PERSONALIZATION: Facebook prioritizes what they call “Meaningful Engagement” or in other words, personalized posts where you are engaging with your followers. Engagement also increases patient loyalty and is a quick, easy way to generate word of mouth.

However, there isn’t a magic, one size fits all method to boost your social media presence overnight. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin… they are all continuously updating their algorithms and how they prioritize posts, so you need to find the ratio that works best for your practice and for your patients. A good measure of this is your insights, which I will cover later in the presentation.