Social Media Marketing – 5

Inspire your patients with Instagram. Creating a consistent grid allows your followers to recognize your brand. Over 200+ million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily. Enticing features of Instagram include Instagram stories, tagging specific businesses or people, as well as hashtags. If someone tags your business, all of their friends will see this in a positive light. Since Instagram must be a photo or a video, a tag for you means visibility. A hashtag will lead your followers to all posts that use that exact same hashtag. When someone is researching #keratoconus, your posts will show up if you’ve used that hashtag. This is a great feature to scope out the competition and see what's working for other eye care professionals.

You can showcase frames on Instagram and drive traffic back to your website. There is also the option of Instagram stories. Upload a photo, a GIF, or video to your story for your followers to see for 24 hours before it automatically disappears. You can even add your stories to the highlight feature, which keeps your stories at the top of your Instagram feed.

A fun feature with highlights is being able to categorize them! You can keep all photos of frames in a frame highlight, practice photos under the practice highlights, or you can even create one for employees, eye health tips, or conditions your office treats.