Okay, let’s get to some of these statistics. I want to go through these, I am actually going to just kind of read them off and I want you to think about them. We've collected these numbers over years of office visits, timing, actions while we were there, as well as the communication from patients and clients that we’ve worked with across the continent. So, let's begin.

First of all, we know that patients expect the duration of their office visit to be 60 minutes or less, so how long is your patient experience? Next we know that taking longer than 40 minutes to get a patient to dispensary increases the risk of losing the dispensary sale by 30%. Did you know that patients who wait longer than 10 minutes total, wherever that happens within their patient experience, those who wait 10 minutes total are 2 times more likely to leave a negative review online. That's why we advocate removing patient paperwork from the front desk. We know on average it takes the patient about 10 minutes to complete paperwork, we also know that we can fill it out quite faster and that patients don't like doing it themselves. So, let’s get rid of that paperwork for them. 

Okay, how about that half of all of our patients who walk out of optical because they ran out of time, will make a purchase elsewhere. We also know that those patients that do come back at a later date will spend 25% less in your dispensary, because they can't remember the doctor's recommendations. 25% of those patients who wait longer than 2 weeks to get an appointment will seek an appointment elsewhere. And finally, the one that blows my mind, on average, about $15 of dispensary revenue is lost every minute a patient waits. Think about those 10 minutes we started off with. So, as you can see there are quite a few factors that impact that phenomenal 5 STAR patient experience, so I want you to ask yourself as a patient reception coordinator, what can I do to impact a positive experience for patients and make that a part of your daily routine.