Suggested Retail Pricing Tool

Once you receive an email from your Executive Management Coach, you’ll be able to review your suggested optical price list. Your price list is set up into a few different sections. Your price list is set up for optical retail packages. But we’ve also provided some individual itemized pricing.

At Williams Group, we recommend including anti-glare on all of your lenses. So, this section is set up for package pricing, including anti-glare and package pricing, including photochromic and anti-glare. This way, we have a very simplified option. If you want options without anti-glare, just let your Executive Management Coach know and we’ll present you with the appropriate pricing list. Please note, that the pricing we have set up for you and that we will return to your practice, will be our minimum suggested retail pricing.

This means that if you’d like to charge more in your practice, you’re welcome to do so. Our job is simply to evaluate your cost of goods, input it into our algorithms to determine an appropriate pricing to maintain the proper profit margin for the products that you want to offer, but you are certainly more than welcome to increase that pricing, in order to remain competitive within your own local area.

If you feel that your pricing is going to be too high, you can also discuss with your Executive Management Coach how to potentially get those prices down by looking at other alternative labs to reduce your cost of goods.

You will also notice there are some gray sections within this pricing list, that’s because for these individual options, like many within your own practice, these may not be options or offerings from your lab for that particular lens-style or design. We have on the left, the different materials that your different lens options are available in. We do recommend rounding the pricing to the nearest 0 or $5 for ease of presenting and calculating prices to your patient, but you’re welcome to do what you wish.

As you see in the lower section, we have individual line item pricing. This is because when we’re submitting jobs through different vision plans, they normally require us to price everything a la carte or individually. So, we’ve come up with pricing for that as well.

What you will also notice is that if you take all of the options for an individual patient of what their glasses might cost for your individual line item pricing, that you can compare that to the package pricing and already notice the savings built in. This way if your patient is requesting a discount or if they have one guaranteed to them by their vision plan, you make sure that you’re going to discount your a la cart line item pricing, not your package pricing. In most every single case that you run into, you will notice that the package pricing that you can present to your patients is actually less than the discount they’re going to get from their vision plan when we price individual line item pricing. But you can choose whatever you wish within your own practice. And as always, if you have any individual questions, feel free to reach out to your Executive Management Coach.