Contact Lenses Task List

So, we were just talking about accountability, plan of action, lead measures. How do we keep all of our information organized and prioritized in order to execute our WIGS, our wildly important goals? Well, welcome to the contact lens task list. This is a blank canvas for you to keep up electronically and is also in a printer-friendly format. You have ranking priorities in the first column. You can use 1, 2, 3 or for related sequential tasks maybe 1A, 1B, 1C would be better for clarity.

Next type in specific tasks. The leader of the task, next report date, if applicable, and deadline. Each member of the team with a task must keep a task list. If you are the contact lens leader, you may have other team members tasks listed as well as your own. Maybe you just provided or received team training, go ahead and type in a reminder to check proficiency to help that training stick.

If you have this printed out, you can use this final column to draw an O when you have decided to activate or begin work on that task and draw a line through that O when the task is completed. In this case, just type an X if it is completed. You might have items on your list that you anticipate will be a priority in the future, but you need to say no to the good sometimes and only focus on the great. This is to turn off a distraction mindset and turn on an execution mindset.

So, use your task list in your WIG meetings and however else you see fit as a tool to foster personal and team accountability. Good luck!