Contact Lenses Dashboard

The contact lens dashboard. The dashboard provides a compelling, live view of the playing field.​ Monthly and year-to-date graphs and gauges tell the story of your clinic’s vision and journey.​ Real-time tracking measuring sticks allow you to see exact quantities and form a plan of action to win.​

Here you can see annual supply capture rate. The purple values represent the actual percentage of annual supplies versus your goal in orange. The background orange on the gauge represents your goal. Your performance is reflected in the speedometer needle. You can see you are about 1% shy of your goal.

On the bar graph, you can see annual supplies versus goal, including capture rate by month. The real-time tracking measuring stick shows that you are 61 units shy of reaching your goal.

Next, we have a breakdown of new contact lens wearers versus goal. With the same speedometer reflecting your goal of 30% and the speedometer needle reflecting your actual performance. You can see that you are 26 wearers shy of meeting your new contact lens wearer goal.

Next, we have a breakdown of all appointment types showing new, established, and follow-up contact lens appointments or no-fee follow-ups. You’ve had a total of 567 contact lens-related appointments.

Next, contact lens sales. With monthly figures and a year-to-date total.

The interactive text boxes allow you to record one to two wildly important goals, document current results, desired results, and the deadline to reach the desired result. Additional questions help you decide which lead measures are influenceable, that will help create leverage to move the needle for positive change and hit your wildly important goal. WIGS provide you and your team with vision and purpose!​

Next, click on the interactive Optometric Success Center icon to log in and register for recommended courses. Here you will receive additional training and support to help you achieve your wildly important goals.​

​Raw data scoreboards are presented in monthly format with red flag indicators to help you spot opportunities to regroup on your plan of action.​

Finally, have some fun with the interactive game pieces to draw attention to lag measures, graphs and other areas of your dashboard.​ Use the visuals on the dashboard to communicate and motivate your team! Have fun.