Tracking Recall Success Rate

How will you determine the success rate for all of your pre-appointing and recall efforts? These are incredibly important statistics to track, review, and respond to as needed. As you may recall, this is one of the essential functions of the PCF role descriptions we looked at earlier. Every office will have a slightly different method of tracking these stats. But it will most likely involve some manual counting of your behaviors, such as outgoing phone calls made, number of notices sent via your patient contact management system, number of postcards sent, plus the number of incoming patient calls that result from these activities. That's okay, it's worth the effort. You must know if you're being effective and you must have a goal to reach, maintain, or exceed.

Here is an image of a staff tracking sheet. You can see each type of activity and behaviors listed. Your task now is to go review your pre-appoint and recall success stat tracking system with your supervisor. You've got this!