Usual and Customary

Usual and Customary, U and C, what this is, is it's a term used by the insurance carriers that refers to what your provider charges for services and materials before there are any discount adjustments or write offs. 

Next we have the contract allowable, this is also known as the allowed amount and it is the amount agreed upon by the provider, your doctor, that they will accept as payment from an insurer or the insurance company for services and this is signified by the fee schedule. It's important to note that this is typically less than what our Usual and Customary fees or U and C fees are. 

Then we have our fee schedule and this is the list of all services that an insurer will allow the provider, your doctor, to bill them as well as it has corresponding maximum allowable amounts that they have agreed to pay the provider for rendered services.

Then we have our out-of-pocket, which we touch base on and basically this is health care expenses that the patient is responsible for, because they will not be paid by the particular insurance plan.