Explanation of Benefits

Next, we have the almighty, so very important EOB or explanation of benefits. what this is a statement that the insurance company will provide your practice, that signifies what fees or services have been paid on the behalf of the patient by the insurance company. As well as it indicates any contractual obligations of write-offs that we must adhere to. And it will also provide you with a reason, should we have a denied claim.

Now, both your medical and your vision insurances will provide you with an EOB and it’s important to note that not only are we receiving this statement, but so is your patient. And, why is that important to know, well this truly is a great opportunity to win your patients confidence. Not only do we want them to have a phenomenal experience while they are there with our team and our doctors, we want them to have the confidence to know that we have managed the filing of their claim timely and accurately and that their benefits have been paid. Remember, the patient experience does not end until all monies have been billed, collected, and applied.