Okay, let's talk about weaknesses as part of the SWOT analysis for staffing. These are going to be mostly flip flopped or opposite from what your strengths could have been.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • unhealthy financial benchmarks, such as your staff expense percentage or your staff productivity rate
  • Variables such as unreliable or inexperienced staff, a high staff turnover, or a weak applicant pool
  • Include common customer service complaints – most of your customer service complaints are going to be generated from a lack of training or knowledge
  • Identify bottlenecks in the patient care cycle due to lack of cross training, a shortage of staff on certain days of the week, or during certain hours of the day due to scheduling availability
  • Also, do you have an abundant amount of unplanned sick leave or abundant PTO available? This is really important to know the ins and outs of your availability. That way when you recruit your next hire, you’ll want to ensure this is not an area where you're again left spread thin leading to more customer service complaints
  • Lastly, identify any lack of staff leadership, safety, support, coaching, mentorship, skills training, personal and professional resources, and other benefits that are unavailable for staff. This is probably on your bucket list, if for example you don't provide health insurance or retirement benefits, uniforms, ongoing training and education. These could all be areas that you hope to one day add to your resources for your staff, but maybe due to circumstances right now you just can't afford to do that or haven't thought about it yet

All of these weaknesses are going to help you capture a person that you want to help bridge the gap between the staff you have now and where you want to go.