Welcome to Excelling in 5 STAR Patient Care. My name is Michelle Bogeart and I will be your trainer for this session. I’m very happy to have you here and I hope I can help you with some tips and tricks as well as motivate you to continue to provide the best care that you can. 

Now, as we make our way through understanding the patient care cycle (also known as the patient production cycle), we need you to understand how vital it is that we ensure we are consistent in the type of care we are providing and that we are providing 5 STAR care throughout the entire journey. Now this care starts at the very beginning when we first have communication with our patient. Whether it's on the phone or in the office, even on our website, we need to ensure that we are providing our patients with the proper communication to keep them intrigued and to have them come in and want more.

Now, with that being said we need to make sure that the overall experience is outstanding and remarkable and leaving your patients wanting to come back year after year. Now 5 STAR care stands for Satisfying, Timely, Attainable, Results. This type of care relates to what we need to be successful within our practice, and like I said, to keep those patients coming back for more. 

Within this program, we are going to discuss how you can excel at providing 5 STAR care, as well as your practice. We will discuss together effective communication and how we can keep our patients informed, as well as how to calm upset patients. Last, we’ll discuss how employee engagement completely and fully relates when it comes to the overall patient experience and the patient feeling like they’ve received the 5 STAR care that we are trying to provide them with.