If you would like additional support through this process, we've provided a worksheet created to assist you as you come to your decision of level of coding. Let's review what that process looks like. So, step one, what problems were addressed or what drove the exam? So, if you look at the first top blue row, it will ask was this problem self-limited, minor-minimal, and goes away by on its own? Is it a stable chronic condition, is it acute uncomplicated illness or injury, or is it an undiagnosed new with uncertain prognosis? So, if you've answered yes to any of these and you’re able to get some, we’ve provided a few examples there for you and you scored at the end there, you can see depending on how many of those you have, whether you would code for any of the elements necessary for a level three or level four. And then again if you were to have the requirements for a level two.