Choose Your Consulting Level

Determine the best level of consulting your practice needs

To get started, select your level of consulting below:

Select the option that best relates to your practice ownership.

  • I have good business knowledge, and feel confident in my ability to drive change within my practice, but need a general evaluation of my practice and recommendations.
  • I would benefit from being able to meet with a trusted coach monthly to answer questions and help keep me meet goals.

I need some level of consulting

  • I want to learn the necessary components to running a successful business.
  • I need a full forensics analysis of my practice and a road map for success.
  • I am willing to help, but I need the help of a trusted coach to help drive change within my practice.

I need interactive consulting

  • I want someone to visit my office to see first-hand what we do and provide hands-on guidance and training to make changes.
  • I would like a chart audit to determine if I am optimizing billing correctly and meeting clinical care standards and providing the best patient experience and care.

I need customized consulting