Organize your interview and selection process. As we go through each resource, please be sure to put that in the corresponding binders. You should have a manager’s interview binder; this will be in the possession of your CEO or HR manager. Next, you have an onboarding binder for your manager or CEO, and finally your new hire’s onboarding and training binder. This will have all the materials they’ll need to get started their first week, but they should also use this binder for continuing education, company meetings, and reference training material. The human resource side of our business takes a lot of time, especially each time we need to hire. 


Organizing your three binders is going to save you a lot of time and take a lot of headaches out of this process for you. So, I cannot stress enough…go ahead and make sure you’re customizing each resource and inserting it into each corresponding binder. By the end of this course, you should have three separate binders. Be ready to go for your next hire.