Developing an Ad Budget

Alright, your ad looks fantastic! The next thing you want to do is place your ad, but before you do that, please sit down to determine how much you’re willing to budget towards recruiting to fill this position. Your strategy might be really broad with a really small budget or very focused with a massive budget. For example, this might be used in the case you need to fill a managerial position. 


Let’s list some paid and free resources for you to consider;, Facebook, LinkedIn, newspaper, or a professional recruiting service. Free resources include your company website, organic social media posts, unsponsored job search engine posts, networking with local affiliations, such as your chamber of commerce, colleges and job boards, scouting customer service experiences, word of mouth, meaning you’re going to tell your family, friends, and staff to be on the lookout for your next team member. Last is headhunting yourself, going through resumes on and LinkedIn. Alright, please see our handout for all of these resources, and don’t forget to track where your money goes and what your results are. That can help for the next time you set out to recruit.