Recruiting: Developing a Career Ad Template

Think of new hire preparation in three steps; that’s before you hire, during the hiring process or selection, and then after you hire, which is onboarding. 


Let’s start with recruiting and how to develop your ad. You truly have an opportunity for a career path.  Know your audience when you’re developing your ad, including patients that might see your ad, and as always, ensure your ad is branded. Every time someone sees your logo, that is good for you! You want brand recognition. If you need help designing your ad, you can utilize; PowerPoint,, Williams Group Marketing, or your local graphic designer. 


Ad content should include your logo, your colors if appropriate, the title of the position, who you want to apply to, brief wages and benefits, how to apply, and finally your company website and physical address.


Let’s walk through an example of creating a job post. Here’s a job description for a patient communication facilitator. Suppose you were hiring for this position, let’s look at two example job listings, one for a post on Facebook and the other for a newspaper ad. 


Let’s review the key elements of the career ad template for a Facebook jobs post or timeline post. Ensure the dimensions of your ad follow the recommended Facebook size. Next, build your background. Choose a background that is on-brand with color, is muted, has a settled texture or pattern or includes subtle elements of optometry such as a pair of glasses. Make your calling. In this example, our calling is joining our team. Next, list the position for which you are hiring. You can include a very brief job description, such as full-time or the location for which you’re hiring. Always include your office name, address, and website. Lastly, ensure your logo is prominent. Before you post your image, be sure to write out where applicants can apply. For example, if you also posted this job on, you can include the link to your job post on right in the text or comments box before you hit submit to post your ad.


Next, let’s take a look at a newspaper ad. Instead of “help wanted”, we’ll go ahead and make our calling state “career opportunity”. In the supporting text, list your office name, brief details regarding the name of the position and whether it is full-time or part-time, the location if you have multiple locations, and why high-quality candidates should apply. Include instructions as to how to submit a resume or where they can apply. As always list your office address, email, website, and logo. We do not recommend listing an office phone number. Work with your newspaper office to ensure the dimensions of your ad are appropriate. For example, your career opportunity ad might end up being two newspaper columns wide by three inches long. This is also how the newspaper will determine how much to charge you for this ad.