Onboarding Materials

We’ve covered the recruiting, and interview, and selection process for new hire preparation. At this point, you have your new team member hired, and you’re ready to welcome them with a successful onboarding process. We recommend having your team sign a welcome note and either send it to them before their first day or leave them a small goodie bag and thank you in their locker or at their workstation for their first day of work. This will ensure they feel welcome and ready to go.


Next, please review and print out all the attachments you see here. Onboarding materials include, but are not limited to:


  • personnel file
  • legal documents, such as a W-4 and I-9
  • your employee handbook
  • the employee handbook acknowledgment of receipt
  • a non-disclosure consent
  • HIPAA privacy policy consent and training
  • direct deposit consent
  • new hire training binder
  • employment contract, if applicable
  • and a non-compete agreement, if applicable


You may have other forms or materials depending on your clinic or region.