Pretest Dialogue

You’ll want to incorporate language and semantics referring to the three-part examination into different parts of the patient cycle. So, now this becomes a team effort! Here are some scripts for each part of the patient cycle.


For the appointment setup, utilize shopper conversion semantics and refer to the Schedule Optimization program for more tips on that.


At the front desk, for patients that are asking about the fee if they referred that they have never been charged this before or that they’re not understanding the fee entirely, explain to the patient that you have restructured your fees to better reflect the market. Explain that you have priced your contact lenses appropriately and competitively and you have done the same with your professional services. You can tell the patient our doctors provide a very thorough and comprehensive examination and refit charges reflect their technical expertise and professional competency in designing a contact lens that is right for you. Or we are now pricing our contact lenses more appropriately and competitively and are pricing our professional services to reflect the technical competency and professional expertise in designing a contact lens that is right for you, evaluating the integrity of the corneal tissue.


So here are some examples of some pretest dialogues that you may utilize to include language and semantics referring to the two- and three-part examination for patients being seen at your office.


For a two-part examination, you might say “Susan, as you recall there are two parts to your examination today. We will be performing a vision and an eye health evaluation and will check to see if you need a prescription change. And we’ll also be looking at the health of your eyes. We’ll check for cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, and other vision-threatening diseases.


As for patients being seen at your office for the three-part examination, you might say “And Susan, because you are a contact lens wearer, the third part of your examination will be a corneal evaluation, where the doctor will check the integrity of your cornea to confirm that you are still a good candidate for contact lens wear for next year.”


As for dialogue in the exam room, you’ll refer to the eye care professional for dialogue. And for dialogue for checkout, continue to follow along as will provide specific examples.