Contact Lens Wearer

And if we refer back to the Contact Lens Success Program, you will notice that there are two different sections of pricing, one section is for new contact lens wearers and the other is for returning contact lenses wearers and it’s important that we define each. 


So, first, if we go to new contact lens wearer, let’s define that. This is a patient who is new to contact lenses or has not worn successfully and needs training. This includes new patients to our office. The different tiers are associated with the design of the lens that the patient is fitted into. For example, a spherical lens, a toric and extended wear lens, a multifocal lens, an RGP lens, and an ortho-k or scleral lens. Now, your office may not fit all of these different designs of lenses and it’s important to know the fees that are established by your doctor and manager.


A returning contact lens wearer is an established patient who has worn contact lenses before successfully and does not need training. You’ll see again that each of these tiers are determined by the design of the lens that the patient is fit into. So, again we have a spherical lens tier, a toric or extended wear, a multifocal, an RGP, and an ortho-k and scleral lens. Again, I recommend that you refer to your office manager and doctor to determine how the fees are established and the tiers are at your office.