Advanced Beneficiary Notice

Advanced Beneficiary Notice or ABN, this is what's known as a waiver of liability and it's provided by your doctor for front desk team the day of service or the day the patient comes in and what's listed on it are services or materials that you believe the insurance company will not pay for. Therefore, we want to give acknowledgement and have the patient sign off on that day.

Now an example of this would be your CPT code or refraction code 92015. Medicare will not pay for a refraction fee so we would want to include that on our ABN form, have the patient sign off and then be sure we collect that fee the day that the patient is there. Now, a couple things to know about an ABN, when in doubt use one. It's also important that you go to each insurer’s website to review what ABN form and requirements they want your particular office to use. We’ll go over this, how to fill out an ABN for more in course two. We do absolutely encourage you to utilize one. Medicare does require one, specifically for services and glasses. So, again, we’ll go over this in course number two and let’s keep moving on.