Current Patient Base

We've created a document for you to utilize while you're developing your target audience. Go ahead and get that ready and a pen, because as we go through this course, I'm going to ask you different questions and I want to you to utilize this document as much as possible. So, while you're going through you can write down the similarities and at the end, it's really going to help you guide who your target audience is and what commonalities they all have that you want to start targeting.

Start with your current patients, think about who you're already seeing in your practice. Your practice management software may be able to help answer some questions, but this is also a fun project for your entire team. So, let's look at it. Do you have a majority of female or male patients? Are they older or younger? What characteristics do they have? It's important during this step that you think about who your favorite patients are. Alright, you have to admit it, we all have those favorite patients. You know, the ones in your schedule that you're so excited to see, but you probably also have some that are like, oh, they are in the schedule today, that should be great. That's okay! But think about those favorite patients and what commonalities that they have, because those are the traits that I want you to write down. What makes them your favorite? And if you have some things that you're not so excited about in others, write those down on the side too, just so we know what to avoid.

This is the information that you will use to create your target audience. So, write it down, write it all down. All the qualities, demographics, and interest the patients you enjoy seeing share. This should also include the treatment you enjoy. Is there something that you love doing every day, that you wouldn't mind more? If there is, write that down. This is going to help us in the long run with your marketing and your social media, but it also helps narrow down what types of patients you want to see. It's all important so if there's anything you can think of write it down now to help us in the long run.