Social Media

Are you already on social media platforms? If so, great! We're going to use this information as well to continue to guide you to that target audience that you're searching for. If not, that’s okay, we’ll get you there the further we get into the marketing courses. But if you have it, this lesson is for you, because I want you to pay attention to who is already following you. It's going to help you determine the types of patients you're currently attracting. It's also going to help you to know if you need to adjust your current marketing efforts to reach the correct audience. 

Okay so, Facebook, you're currently on Facebook. Let's take a look at who likes your page. You can do this by going to your insights page. It gives you the opportunity to look at who is following you; the gender, the age, and the location of these followers. It'll break it down into those demographics and you can get a gist of who, where, what. Write that information down as we continue to look at the attributes of your target audience. While you're looking at your current followers, how many of them are current patients? Are any of them your favorites that you thought of previously? Again, list those similarities that these followers and your current patients have. 

Okay, let's go back to your insights. How many of those followers are interacting with your page? And by interacting I mean liking, commenting, or sharing your posts? Do you think that one post over another is getting more likes, comments, or shares? Do you notice anything else that’s similar between your posts and your followers? What stands out that makes you think quality post reach quality patients? 

I want you to look at your reviews as well. What are your current patients saying about your practice? This may provide you with opportunities to improve, but it may also provide you insight on what you're doing well and how to capitalize on what your current patients value about your practice. So, let's utilize that information and learn how to target your audience and plan for future content that’s going to reach them.