Search Engine Optimization

Following a strong website comes search engine optimization, also known as SEO. This means, when someone types in eye care provider near me in a search engine, who shows up? It does matters who shows up on the first page, since most people will not continue their search to the second or third pages on a search engine. It also matters who shows up first. Generally, paid advertising will be listed first. We will talk about that further in the course; however, the next three listings are what matters most when it comes to search engine optimization. You’ll want to get your practice into the top three.

In order to improve your rankings in search engines, you’ll want to produce quality content on your website with keywords that patients will search for while looking for an eye care provider. You’ll also rank higher by frequently updating your blog. This isn’t something you need to update daily! Just find a schedule that works for your team and get into the routine of updating your blog and posting it to your website. By relating back to different eye care topics, you’ll help your rankings with keywords. Monitor your analytics to ensure you are optimizing your web searches.