Second Formal Interview

Step five: second formal interview. The purpose of the second formal interview is to ask additional questions and perform additional skills tests, to reaffirm attributes observed during the first interview, to reassure you that a candidate is a good match for the position and your company vision, to check for consistency and information, punctuality, energy and interest from a narrowed pool, to expose professional interviewers, and give nervous candidates a second chance to shine. Finally, it’s a final opportunity to ask for certifications, if applicable, to the requirements of the position.


Second Interview Questionnaire – Use this list of sample questions to get to know your candidate and the value they can provide to your office a bit better, include skills tests, and be sure to customize this list based on your labor laws. 


Employee Benefits Summary Sheet – Go ahead and populate your company benefits onto our sample, then calculate approximately how much your benefits package is worth, and dollars per hour. The purpose of this resource is to communicate with potential hires exactly what the value is of your benefits package. For example, in a tight job market where an applicant is weighing two different job offers, if you have formal documentation of added value on top of their hourly wage, this can help them make a final decision to come work for you and win that top talent. 


The DISC Assessment from Profiles Global – The DISC Assessment is a person analysis that classifies four aspects of behavior by testing a person’s preferences in word associations. DISC is an acronym for D – dominance, I – influence, S – steadiness, and C – compliance. Each score will reveal a high, low, or mid-line rating. Please reach out to your Executive Management Coach or Practice Management Director for information on how to order a DISC Assessment.